Author: Pippacontrol


Meetings are a big part of business life, most business leaders will attend several in any week, from daily briefings to major planning sessions. One big trend in recent years is towards offsite meetings – holding a meeting not in your own meeting room but at a third-party venue. What’s driving this trend? Here’s 3 top reasons.

Improve Focus and Productivity

Being in the office can be a constant source of distraction. Even when your group is holed up in a meeting room interruptions happen, as people pop their head around the door with “just a quick question”, or an urgent phone call. By taking your meeting offsite you remove these distractions, allowing the meeting’s participants to focus on the matter at hand. No wonder most professionals say that they are more productive at offsite meetings than in the office.

Thinking Outside the Box

Humans are creatures of habit, we develop routines that help us to be more efficient, especially through our working days. When we need to be creative though, these routines can hold us back. This gets in the way of long term planning or developing new ideas, when new ways of thinking are vital.

Changing your surroundings can change your thinking. By breaking their routine, attendees will feel that the ordinary rules are suspended. This helps them feel free to raise ideas that might not fit with their usual mind-set.

Improve your facilities

At many offices, allocating space for meetings has come as an afterthought, or been considered lower priority than day-to-day workspace. This means that meeting rooms often end up being cramped, starved of natural daylight, or poorly equipped.

This can be fine for short, run-of-the-mill, meetings, but for longer meetings, meeting clients or meetings with larger numbers of attendees you might want to upgrade. Using an offsite meeting venue lets you access better facilities without sacrificing workspace or running up a huge bill.

Meet Face-to-Face

Many businesses no longer have a large office with meeting rooms. A technological revolution has inspired a boom in remote working, or firms having several smaller offices and no central location. Many firms take this a step further by using a network of freelancers rather than employing a large workforce.

However good communications technology has become, there are benefits from meeting face-to-face. Relationships can be formed and developed, and deeper understandings formed. When you need a face-to-face meeting, an offsite location, convenient for everybody, could work better than using one of your own locations. By hiring a venue, you make sure that the room is suitable and the facilities are up to the job.

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